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Gust Palms

Written for WA Summer Camp 2021 - Prompt 12
Species: Create a plant or animal that lives in an inhospitable region.
  As tall as two humans of average size, Gust Palms are native to the oases of the Shams Desert. The green leaves not only sway with the wind but enhance it enough to cause changes and gusts, hence their name. It is a fruit tree that bears highly sought after for its coconuts, which water has a more refreshing taste and healing qualities.   This tree doesn't require much water to survive but needs to be near a fresh source. It is possible to grow it out of the [Sham Desert] given that the climate remains the same and it gets lots of light at all times, night and day. Some families in [Ram] settlements like to grow such trees to bring more wind into their homes, thus cooling them.   It has an average lifespan of 80 to 100 years and bears fruits starting on its 8th to 10th year of maturation. Although the stem is flexible and sturdy by nature, it is considered bad luck to use wood from a Gust Palm. It is said that winds stop flowing when the tree dies a premature death. For that, it is prohibited to commercialize wood from this tree in Ram settlements.   The leaves are the most sought after parts of the tree and are very difficult to cut. Usually, traders take care not to take more than 20 to 30 per cent of the tree's original foliage in order to not hinder the growth. because of that, monopoly and fights over trade rights arise frequently. Since most [Ram] groups don't like living in the desert per see, trade monopoly changes seasonally between the many merchants that explore the area for its resources.

Basic Information


The tree is formed by a long unbranched stem and fronds of compounded evergreen leaves. The greener the leaf, the stronger enhancing quality it has. The fruit is formed and held near the junction between stem and leaves.
Geographic Distribution

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