Timeline of Major Events in West Colassia

1472 BCE: Codenya formalizes a treaty which formally unites the wood elves with a wide variety of sentient forest creatures though these alliances have existed informally for far longer. This is when the wood elves claim their nation was born and it’s what they set on their calendars as Year 1   1167 BCE: the island nation of Lunatus claims its first colony in West Colassia, subjugating a large number of humans for the first time.   589 BCE: The king of Lunatus starts calling himself “emperor” and the Elven Empire is officially born. This was later retroactively made Year 1 on the Elven Empire’s official calendar. Coincidentally this was the Year of Khemra.   150 BCE (approximate): Largely in response to the aggressive actions vampire known as Vladimir the Conqueror, the wood elves of Codenya chose abandon their external settlements and colonies withdrawing entirely into the borders of their home forest.   1: The vampire Vladimir the Conqueror is reputedly slain. Coincidentally this was the Year of Maylar which made it extra convenient for setting this as calendar year 1 because Maylar has the first zodiac house in the cycle.   300-400 (approximate): A group of legendary heroes battle against orcs, vampires, Void Demons and other baddies establishing a faux-Camelot inspired nation of Gerlaria that lasts about 200 hundred years. Modern Kantoca , both peasants and princes alike, love to tell embellished stories of this time and claim these heroes as their direct ancestors.   400 (approximate): King Drosst usurps the city state of Uskala. He begins annexing the surrounding land piece by piece over the following centuries.   500 (approximate): Faux-Camelot realm of Gerlaria falls.   600 (approximate): The Kingdom of Kantoc emerges out of the ashes of Gerlaria.   654-657: The dark elves of Kahdisteria launch a full scale invasion against the wood elves of of Codenya . The wood elves deal them a humiliating defeat permanently ending the dark elves’ ambitions to establish themselves in West Colassia.   830-850: The grey elves invite the wood elves to join the Elven Empire and the grey elves do not take their rejection well. The Elven Empire fight a series of brushfire conflict against the wood elves of Codenya and the wood elves generally get the better of these fights. While not directly responsible for the Empire’s decline, this period of time marks the peak of the Elven Empire’s expansion. The King of Codenya is tired of the wood elves facing surprise attacks out of nowhere and relaxes his isolation a bit, exchanging ambassadors with the nearest human nations and formally endorsing the Rumspringa (though the Rumspringa tradition was far older than this, it was something nobles rarely partook in before this royal decree).   835: Grey elves complete the construction of North Fort aka Fjort of the Fjord   857: Prince Mondarious and his followers leave Meckelorn in a self imposed exile, eventually forming the kingdom of Kingdom of Mondert far away from West Collassia.   941: Kingdom of Swynfaredia is founded though it started out much smaller than it is now. Swynfaredians later official set this as Year 1 on their official royal calendar. Coincidentally this was the year of Greymoria.   1067: Mordock the Destroyer reaches the peak of his empire and dies a natural death shortly thereafter.   1316: dwarves successfully reclaim the Great of Meckelorn, coincidentally this was the Year of Hallisan which the dwarves consider auspicious.   1450-1451: Uskalan soldiers and camazotz commit the Massacre of the Grey Forest Kalazotz.   1500 (approximate): Kingdom of Fumaya is established more or less with the borders it has now, minus a very small expansion into the unclaimed frontier later.   1632: Uskala annexes the kingdom of Insert Name Here, reaching the current size of territory it has now.   1716: Kingdom of Swynfaredia annexes the kingdom Talama, reaching the current size of territory it has now. This was recent enough that more than a few ethnic Talamans are still resentful about this, especially the nobles of House Deorac.   1780: The County of Polnoc is formalized marking Fumaya's first and last real expansion.   1837: This is the default year for RPGs in my setting to start. The zodiac year is the year of Mera.

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