Swynfaredian Timeline of Major events.

1/940 BCE: The vampire Vladimir the Conqueror is reputedly slain, marking the start of the Fuedal Era.     939/2 BCE: The four founding houses of Swynfaredia are formally recognized House Goirsonad, House Kovenoth, House Numaness, and House Fremiss.     940/1 BCE: The four houses of Swynfaredia each select a champion to compete in a series of events to win the right to be crowned king of Swynfaredia.     941/1: Kingdom of Swynfaredia is formally founded though it started out much smaller than it is now. Swynfaredians later official set this as Year 1 on their official royal calendar. Coincidentally this was the year of Greymoria.     1054/113: Mordock the Destroyer's army clashes with the army of Swynfaredia. The first series of battles are essentially a draw with both sides taking heavy losses and withdrawing.     1056/115: Mordock leads an army personally to stage a punitive raid on Swynfaredia and razes several villages to the ground while the Dragon bloods mostly cower behind their castles and abjuration spells.     1058/117: An army lead by Lady Rhoswen Fremiss the Brave, Lord Maelog Fremiss the Strategist, and King Steffon Numaness the First drives away all of Mordock's forces in Swyfaredian territory, but by that point Mordock had already moved on.   Lady Rhoswen leaves Swynfaredia with a small group of adventurers intent on harrying Mordock's army wherever they go and (like many others before her) swears to kill Mordock with her own axe.     1067/126: Mordock the Destroyer reaches the peak of his empire and dies a natural death shortly thereafter.     1072-1090/131-149: As Mordock's empire is split into smaller kingdoms, Swynfaredia mobilizes their army to "liberate" the lands nearest to them greatly increasing Swynfaredia's size. This leads to a lot of Swynfaredians using cloak and dagger tactics to fight over who gets what new territory. This is especially bad among House Fremiss.     1096/155: Lady Rhoswen Fremiss the Brave dies in battle against one of Mordock's lieutenants cementing her place in legend as the most famous and beloved Swynfaredian hero outside of Swynfaredia.     1125/184: Swynfaredia annexes a small human nation bordering Codenya.     1138-1140/197-199: Swynfaredia has a brief war with the wood elves of Codenya and suffers a humiliating defeat.     1252-1254/311-313: The First Swynfaredian Civil War     1256/315: House Gareth is the first new house to be recognized. House Fremiss splits into House Fremiss A and House Fremiss B.     1487-1503/556-562: Second Swynfaredian Civil War     1505/564: House Gruffyl is formally recognized.  A few months later, House Fremiss C is formally recognized.     1506/565: House Selwyth is formally recognized     1508/567: A group of Swynfaredian exiles conquers a Border Barony establishing the Petty Kingdom of Altudaredia Altudaredia.     1523-1525/582-584: Kingdom of Uskala and Swynfaredia go to war briefly in what is essentially a series of minor border clashes.     1534/593: Swynfaredia annexes a small independent kingdom that broke away from the Elven Empire and only enjoyed a very brief window of independence.     1536/595: Swynfaredia narrowly avoids a war with the Elven Empire. At one point they had assembled armies to stare each other down.     1537/596: House Cefnor is formally recognized.     1587/646: Swynfaredia sets up the puppet state of Uwchradaredia in the Border Baronies region as a dumping ground for their favored squib children.     1607/666: The Head of House Kovenoth is revealed to be a lich. He is killed along with some of the family's leaders. Essentially this marks the end of House Kovenoth official fall from grace.     1609-1612/668-671: Third Swynfaredian Civil War.     1716/785: Swynfaredia annexes the kingdom Talama, reaching the current size of territory it has now. This was recent enough that more than a few ethnic Talamans are still resentful about this, especially the nobles of House Deorac.     1836/895: The Queen of Swynfaredia hatches her plan to conquer Fumaya in order to distract her vassals.     1837/896: This is the year my RPG starts in as well as the year Nilen the Cobbler has his adventure.


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