Stahlheim Guild Association

[quote] "The Guild Association serves a natural role.  Much like a leech helps a body when it has too much blood by removing some of it, the Guilds help dwarf society when it has too much money."   -Norabruck Grumblespine, dwarven Circuit Priestess of Nami     In Stahlheim the most powerful check on the kings power are the guilds. All the legal guilds keep in regular contact with each other and periodically have guild association meetings to vote on issues that affect them all. These votes aren't legally binding but there is substantial social pressure for guilds to follow the guidelines that the assembly votes on.   The guilds can use their economic power to force political concessions out of the king and his vassals.   A few guilds are powerful enough to influence the king and the assembly almost by themselves but even then they will usually try to get lesser guilds behind them before pushing for anything major.   In Meckelorn the guilds are much weaker politically speaking and only the Armorer's Guild has the ability     Powerful Guilds: Alchemists, Armorers, Brewers, Engineers     Intermediate Guilds: Academics, Black Smiths, Carpenters, Cartographers, Healers, horse/donkey breeders, kennel masters, Miners, Plasterers, Salt Masters, Sculptors, Silversmiths, Shipwrights, Tanners, Wizards, poop porters     Petty Guilds: Bakers, Barbers, Bards, Bleachers, Book Binders, Butchers, Cobblers, Coppersmiths Furriers, Goldsmiths, Painters, Potters, Jewelers, Rope Makers, Tinkers (tin smiths who apparently cuss a lot), Weavers/Tailors     In Stahlheim, buying something that isn't guild approve is illegal (though the penalty is a relatively small fine). In Meckelorn, buying non-guild approved items is not illegal but typically comes with a 10-20% discount. Of course there is a black market trade for counterfeit guild certifications. Even petty guilds wield some power because of this.   Naturally there is a thriving black market trade in false guild certifications.
"Open Sky Guild"   dwarf rangers refuse to participate in guild politics, but they will jokingly refer to themselves belonging to the "Open Sky Guild" while they do not have guild protocols, rangers do feel kinship with other rangers they never met and always extend them professional courtesy.
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