Sea Biscuit the Hippocampus

A bluish hippocampus became a frequent sight to the fishers around Meraland. This was viewed as a good omen because Hippocampi are considered sacred to the goddess Mera.   Thus it was viewed as good luck if the Hippocampus swim along beside them. Over time the fisherman realized that she seemed to like eating biscuits best.   Sea Biscuit became even more beloved by the locals when she grabbed a sailor that was thrown overboard and swam him to safety.   As more fisherman cheered Sea Biscuit's appearance and began feeding her biscuits routinely.   Sea Biscuit has also provided warnings and last minute rescues against dark elf incursions.

Physical Description

Body Features

Body of a horse, two front legs, big fish tail rear. Light blue scaly body and light yellow fins including a large prominent mane-like fin on the back of the neck.

Special abilities

Sea Biscuit has a limited ability to control fish and speak to fish and marine animals.   Sea Biscuit can breathe air or water and can temporarily bestow land creatures with the ability to breathe water.

Mental characteristics

Gender Identity

The Fisherman used to argue on whether Seabiscuit was a stallion or a mare, but after a fisherman saw her underside, he noticed of her underside and saw no male horse parts.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Seabiscuit is believed to have the powers of a Fisherman's Friends because since the local fishermen have befriended her fishing yields have increased considerably.   More impressively Sea Biscuit has the power to temporarily bestow water breathing on humans. More than once, when dark elf slavers tried to kidnap fisherman, Sea Biscuit has coaxed fishermen to jump into the water and hid them below the waves long enough to swim them to shore safely.
deep green
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
light murky blue
Known Languages
She seems to be able to fully understand Common, but she cannot talk though she can communicate basic ideas by the tone of her whinny.

Cover image: Meraland white on blue by Me with Worldspinner's Heraldry Program


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