Scarterran Idioms WIP

"bridgeling": Polite term for a transexual or cross dresser, referring to Korus bridging the divides.       "burning Silverwood ": Any act that is grossly wasteful.       "Chevell treatment": (1) to use magical healing as a tool of torture (2) turning anything normally good into something bad.       "dabbler": A somewhat insulting term for a spell caster that is not very powerful.       "double dabbler": A derogatory term for a dual divine and arcane caster. In most cases, dual casters never become very powerful in either discipline.     "Dragon's share": Taking most of the best parts of something. Equivalent to "taking the lion's share."       "Dragons hoard": Anything good or valuable. "Have you tried the pies at the new shop? They are the dragon's hoard!"       "Dragon's vote": Everyone votes for themselves to be in charge or get most/all of the loot. Equivalent to a pirate's vote.       "Fake metamorph": Derogatory term for a transexual or crossdresser. Referring metamorphs that can literally change their form and sex at will and are generally distrusted.     "godly tears": gem stones     "golden scale": Golden coin. In the First Age, coins were minted as scales. Later round coins had scale patterns on one side. The Kingdom of Swynfaredia still mints scale patterns on their coins.     "ghost horse": A spirit loa.     "holy disk": A silver coin. Silver pieces are sometimes nicknamed holy disks because silver can be used to harm Void creatures and is often incorporated into religious icons, relics, and art. It's also a joke mocking about how some people, especially merchants are said to cling to avarice like religious dogma.     "king's bit" (or a "queen's bit"): Copper coin. Because the head side of most coins in most countries is the ruling monarch.     "leafer": Generic term for a gay, lesbian, or bisexual person. Because a lot of LGBT Scarterrans join the Stewards or at least become staunch Korus worshipers and the Stewards use tree symbols all the time.   Some people find the term "leafer" offensive, some do not.     "little god": A spirit of the Nine, especially a spirit that frequents the material plane and interacts frequently with mortals.     "mule": Derogatory term for a half-orc, half-gnome or any other mortal hybrid that is sterile. A half-gnome might be a "runt mule" while a half-orc might be a "tusked mule"     "observing the Nonagon": A Scarterran that tries to pay his or her respects to all of the Nine which frequently have temples or shrines arranged in a literal Nonagon formation. "The local lord fully observes the Nonagon."     "octagoning": Used as a verb. This refers to someone praying to all the Nine but one. Only eight of the local heads of the priesthoods were invited to King Henryk's coronation but the Testers were not invited. Later people said that "King Henryk Octagoned Maylar when he invited priests of every priesthood to his coronation except for the Testers."   Dark elves are said to octagon Mera in their daily lives.   Note that it's possible to "octagon" more than one deity (despite the fact that this would technically make it a heptagon or a hexagon. While the term came from academic circles originally, most Scarterrans using the slang term are rarely very educated.       "purple chicken": A magical spell or ability that looks impressive but accomplishes nothing practical.       "scroll head": A nerd.       "taking the dragon's path": Becoming an adventurer and deliberately seeking out difficult and dangerous tasks to become stronger by overcoming dangerous and difficult tasks.       "tenged": To be cheated in a sales transaction. "That merchant tenged me selling me these rusty swords painted silver!" The term is a racial slight against tengku.       "Turoch's bones": Iron or iron ore.       "Void Take You!": Equivalent to "Go to Hell!"       "Wrath of Jacawn": Any act of extreme vengeance.

Cover image: Symbol of the Nine by Pendrake


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