Petty Kingdom of Altudaredia

Altudaredia (based loosely on the Welsh word for exile but it doesn’t roll off the tongue so I might change it.)   Tentative Geographic Assignment: Spot 6     Basic Concept: Altuderedia is a sorcerer run realm whose rulers are all descended from Swynfaredian exiles.     History: Before the Second Swynfaredian Civil War, titles passed to the most direct male heir with sorcery. After the Second Swynfaredian Civil War, titles passed to the most direct heir with sorcery regardless of sex. Most of the nobles on the losing side of the Second Swynfaredian Civil war bent the knee and submitted to their new Queen, or they were killed. A few of the losers opted to flee into the Border Baronies instead.   This group of exiles found a Barony with a potent magic font in it. They killed the wizards that were occupying this magic font and then overthrew the Baron that the wizards had installed as a puppet ruler. The realm has had a "Dragon King" ever since. The realm has absorbed sorcery wielding expatriates from Swynfaredia, predominantly criminals and bastards though this supply of recruits has dried up recently because Swynfaredia is far more tolerant of sorcerous bastards than they used to be.     Government Style: Much like Swynfaredia, Altuderedia’s rulers love to play up their draconic heritage. The head of the government is a male sorcerer who goes by the title of the Dragon King. Whether or not the Dragon King’s vassals and ministers have sorcery talent or not, their titles tend to be dragon related. The king’s guard are called the Dragon’s Scales. Knights are called the Dragon’s Talons. Advisors are called the Dragon’s Eyes or the Dragon’s Ears, etc.   Pragmatism means that the Dragon King cannot put a male sorcerer in charge of every important post but the rulers are both very patriarchal and very mageocentric. Wizards and warlocks are generally treated very poorly. Nearly all sorcerers are welcome here but sorceresses are basically treated as glorified breeding stock, so few sorceresses choose to move here. Sorceresses can hold high positions as long as also have children.   In general most sorcerers of both sexes prefer living in Swynfaredia to living in Altudaredia, so most sorcerers of either sex who move to this realm had some kind of serious falling out with Swynfaredia.     Character of the Realm: The realm is very patriarchal, women enjoy few rights and little respect. The realm is also generally oppressive, the Dragon King’s lieutenants tend to be corrupt bullies. On the plus side, monster attacks are very rare. Putting these two things together, a lot of the commoners seek out semi-nomadic lifestyles traveling as far abroad from the Dragon King’s castle as they can manage in their routines. As a result of this, the commoner people produce a lot of skilled rangers and foragers. This has actually proved extremely beneficial to the Dragon King since this means a sizeable portion of his populace is skilled at gathering magical reagents.     Religion: The Dragon King and his ministers publicly declare Greymoria as their patron deity. Worship of the other Nine is officially permitted but unofficially Mera and Zarthus worship is best done in secret. Priests and theurgists are generally unwelcome if they are not affiliated with Greymoria.   For most commoners, Korus is their primary deity. The local Children declared themselves for any of the priesthood’s major political factions, but they are sympathetic to any pro-sorcerer or pro-monster faction.     Challenges: The bloodline of the dragons is thinning in the line of the Dragon King. It’s getting harder and harder to find a male heir with innate arcane abilities. It’s not uncommon for the Dragon Prince to be the ninth born or some other large birth order number, especially if the Dragon King cannot find a fertile sorceress willing to marry him.   This has fostered a culture where the Dragon King is not only permitted to sire several bastards but is expected to sire a lot of bastards. The Dragon King often takes liberties with his female subjects and this behavior has unfortunately trickled down to his ministers.   I don’t think they are going to have Prima Nocta (which I believe never existed in the real world), but that’s not required for a ruler to sleep around. Sorcerers tend to be a charismatic lot so the Dragon King doesn’t take women by force, but even if the king isn’t raping the peasant women, it still hurts his image if he is sleeping around. The Dragon King’s lust is the number one complaint the locals have of their ruler.   Swynfaredia preaches that all sorcerers are worthy of respect but in practice they tend to shun sorcerers who are not humans or demihumans. Altudaredia breaks the mold here. They are very welcoming to non-human sorcerers. The Dragon King has a formal (and public) alliance with the sorcerer chief of a clan of Gilgren kobolds kobolds. It is a persistent but unproven rumor that the Dragon King has an Aranea assassin in his employ to disappear his enemies or kidnap women for his bed.   Some of the locals actually approve of the alliance with the Gilgren at the very least. With the local kobolds on their side, monster attacks on the commoners are very rare in Altudaredia. On the other hand, the other Border Barons loathe the Dragon King as a collaborator with monsters. Both dwarf nations hold the realm in utter contempt not only for working with monsters but also for putting Greymoria on a pedestal.
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