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Mera Spiritually Affiliated Creatures

Mera Spirits

  Mera deploys spirits to the material plane quite often. She has more active spirit minions than most though most.   Mera most commonly likes deploying spirits of healing, but she also deploys a lot of guardians, assisting spirits. She has very few punishment or questing spirits.   When it comes to spirits, Mera seems to prefer quantity over quality. She has a small number very powerful and versatile spirits at her command but most Mera spirits are very one dimensional entities with a single skill set. Most healing spirits cannot fight well. Most soldier spirits cannot heal.   Many of Mera spirit minions are strikingly handsome or beautiful but many are very unassuming. A lot of her minions are stealthy. Some of her healing spirits are capable of becoming invisible at will. The people cured have no idea why they get better. These spirits tend to hang around Mera’s sacred pools. A few even swim around Mera's Lake.   Two fairly common spirits of Mera include Blue Healers and Fisherman's Friends.   Mera's spirits are generally kind compassionate individuals and they can form personal bonds with mortals easy. Many villages have a local guardian or healer that stays with them through generations. While it’s not common in general for spirits and mortals to conceive half-spirit/half mortals, Mera's Lake probably claims mortals with spirit legacies than any other deity. It’s common that these legacy mortals have blueish skin.   There are not many Tenders who advanced Spirit Magic, but a few exist, especially among the Firebringers. The default summoning creatures are dove or bats for air, dogs for land, and sea turtles for swimming minions.    

Mera Creatures

  In a sense Mera sees every mortal as her child. She has not created many vanity races because she does not want to play favorites. So far the only race I have created by Mera is the gnomes. Mera intended gnomes to be ambassadors of peace between dwarves and elves, in fact between all mortal races. Gnomes have a bonus on most social rolls because Mera gave them silver tongues to be diplomats. Gnomes are small because Mera thought this would make them non-threatening and thus better diplomats. Gnomes have no homeland because Mera wanted gnomes to consider everywhere their home.
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