Lord Cenwyn Fremiss the Kinslayer

Lord Cenwyn Fremiss (a.k.a. the Kinslayer)

A first generation dragon blood, Cenwyn was arguably the greatest embarrassment of his generation among all families.   Lord Cenwyn almost got away with his brother’s murder. He was the first Swynfaredian noble to be executed by the state. He had four sons and two daughters. They and their descendants were not formally punished but other nobles did not let them forget their lineage. Lord Cenwyn the Second renounced his title and joined the Guardians of Hallisan and (at least for the Guardians) is venerated as a hero who managed to put his family’s dark legacy behind him.  
974 CE 1014 CE 40 years old
Circumstances of Death
executed for his crimes

Cover image: Symbol of the Nine by Pendrake


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