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little gods

In Scarterra, the only deities are The Nine, but there are no other gods. There are some supernatural beings that are treated like gods and act like gods. Most commonly spirits are the beings that serve this role.   If a village or other population center is near the location of a healer or guardian spirits, they might provide offerings of food, praise, or other gifts to said healer spirit . A punishment or questing spirit may be offered gifts in placation to avoid its wrath. Whatever the spirits original intent, a spirit that is regularly given praise and gifts by a group of locals is likely to develop fondness or loyalty for the mortals who honor it. In extreme cases a hostile spirits can be rehabilitated into a guardian spirit with enough gifts and placation.   Spirits that are localized in one area and use their powers on behalf of the inhabitants of that area are often nicknamed little gods. Spirits of any affiliation and any type can theoretically become little gods.  
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Usually the Nine and their minions are not threatened by spirits playing the role "little gods" and usually leave them alone, though if one of the Fair Folk tries to play the role, they will often react poorly...eventually. In isolated places, a fae creature can get away acting as a god or goddess to a local population for many years.

Cover image: woodland little god altar by Me using Nightcafe


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