Ice Biter Tribe

Orcs are native to West Colassia and are a common sight there, especially in the northern areas.   As of yet, they have not emigrated to other continents in large numbers. The largest orc tribe in East Colassia is the Ice Biters. They roam the northwest corner of the continent in lands too war for yeti, too cold for gnolls and too rugged for humans.   This tribe of orcs opted to cross the Demonic Strait from West Colassia . These are (presumably) the first orcs to enter East Colassia.  If there were any older orc migrations into East Colassian, the orcs that came before them did not survive.   As of yet, the Ice Biters have not been noticed by any of the major powers of East Colassia, they spend more time clashing with the Uskalans than they do fighting the true locals, most of whom aren’t even aware their continent houses any orcs at all, at least for now. Guided by a half-mad oracle, the Ice Biters believe that their descendants will one day dominate the entire continent.
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Cover image: Orc Huntress by Dean Spencer