Half wood elves

Half wood elves are rare. Most are the result of wild night of passion during a Rumspringa.   A few couples stick together long enough to raise their children, but in a majority of cases, Half wood elves end up being raised primarily if not exclusively from their mother.   Most wood elf mothers of half-human children usually choose to remain in human lands extending the rumspring until their child (or children) are fully grown though some return home to raise their offspring amongst the elves of Codenya.   Half-humansraised in Codenya are often pitied and get a lot of grief for their lack of grace and perception (the latter is a false stereotype because half-elves have functionally the same sensory acuity as full elves.).  It is common for half-humans in Codenya to overcompensate and work obsessively train in traditionally "elf" skills like archery, stealth, and herbalism to the point where they can beat wood elves at their own traditional fortes.  Half-humans in Codenya usually take a Rumspringa like the full elves do, many choose not to ever return.     A small number of human mothers of half wood elves will give the child to the father or leave a basket baby in the woods for their Elven relatives but most are raised amongst humans.   Half wood Elves raised among humans often have more trouble fitting in with humans than half-elves of other lineage. They often feel the call of the wilderness and have wanderlust to some extent. Most attempt to mingle with wood elves at some point in their lives like a reverse Rumspringa, hoping they will fit in better with them than humans. They usually end up seriously disappointed. Half wood elves tend to be loners for this reason.     A few half wood elves make heir way to the Border Baronies' Principality of Silfûrhëim, especially if the mother and father decide to stay together.   It's rare to see any real gathering of half wood elves anywhere.  They don't have much of a culture of their own and usually have to make their own way as best they can.  Some of them choose to migrate to the Republic of Apseldia where they can find a modicum of acceptance though many view the area as too citified for their tastes.
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