half dark elves

There are more half-elves in Kahdisteria than anywhere else in Scarterra, even theRepublic of Apseldia    The economy of Khadisteria is based on slavery. Most slaves are humans, but half-humans are considered more useful, so they are purposefully bred. They are also bred for more casual reasons, particularly with elf and half-elf pairings.    Half-Human slaves are given more status than Human slaves (who are given more status than goblin slaves), so half-humans are usually trained in a profession or craft rather than given manual labor. Also their masters deliberately push the status differentiation in order to make inter-racial slave revolts less likely by sowing dissension.   Half-dark elves living as free men and women are rare. While there are outsider dark elves that leave Kahdisteria it’s fairly uncommon for them to marry humans or even have casual trysts with them. Most half dark elves living free were raised by humans are the products of rape where the mother somehow escaped capture and slavery.   Areas that have to deal with dark elf slaver raids are normally hostile environments for half-elves (regardless of their true origins) since they look like the enemy. If they don’t become bitter loners or leave altogether, they often lean heavily into human cultural side.  In the Colassian Confederacy are often the most hawkish voices against Kahdisteria and half-elves are disproportionately represented in every army and militia in every Colassian Confederacy member state.   A lot of half-elf slaves attempt escape as an adult. Some succeed. A rare few have their freedom purchased by sympathetic abolitionists. When dark elves choose to free slaves voluntarily they are more likely to free half-humans than any other slave type. Half-elves allowed to keep money sometimes buy their own freedom from their masters. Unless they decide to participate in some kind of liberation movement, most half dark elves freemen try to get as far from Kahdisteria as possible, often pursuing a maritime career on a sailing ship or migrating to Apseldia.
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