Eternal Rains

The elemental turmoil created by the First Unmaking have many last effects.  One of the more benign such effects are the Eternal Rains.   These are small floating patches of cloud that never stop raining.  These areas mark the areas where water and air elementals once fought en masse.   Most of the Eternal Rains are occurring over the ocean.  While Scarterrans certainly notice Eternal Rains, they usually don't think much of them.   Scaraquans are far more interested in Eternal Rains.  Generally sea-based reagents are far more plentiful in areas under Eternal Rains.   Of greater interest, while Scaraquans cannot exactly breathe the air, they find they find that the amount of time they can survive above the water is roughly doubled.  Magical enhancements that allow Scaraquans to breathe air are also augmented.   Very few Scarterrans or Scaraquans are aware of this, but Scarterrans have enhanced ability to survive underwater at these sites.
Metaphysical, Elemental

Cover image: "Droplets raining" (Wikie by Santosh Kumar


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