Clan Balché

Clan Balché is an officially recognized clan of dwarf influenced kalazotz that, while officially based in Land of Stahlheim mostly live and n work in one of the Elven Empire, government's remaining colonies in West Colassia.   The entire clan is made up of inn keeper, restaurateurs, and brew makers.  They are the owners of the prestigious inn/tavern known as The Drunken Bat.  Most of the drinks are imported, but they brew their own kalazotz beverages.  Originally this was for the benefit of kalazotz visitors but a lot of groundlings want to try kalazotz beverages out of curiosity.

Tenets of Faith

Like most kalazotz, the Balché worships Mera often, but their famous bar has Nami symbolism prominently displayed.  Nami is the goddess of spirits and very much responsible for blessing the family's prosperity.  Also, the family provides a popular inn for travelers and Nami is the patroness of travelers.   In a way, Nami and Mera are both very important to the family.  Mera is more the goddess for private family concerns.
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Cover image: Comissioned Kalazotz Art (smaller version) by Diana Rahfoth


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