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Character arcs creating strength of will

Willpower is a powerful trait that is fairly expensive to raise at current rating x 2. If you tie your Willpower raising to a character arc moment, you can raise your Willpower at current rating x1.5, (round up).   Examples include but are not limited to.   -Your character accomplishes a long-term goal   -Your character accomplishes a truly amazing feat.   -Your character confronts one of his/her personal failures, character flaws, or past dramas and the player does a good job roleplaying a personal catharsis.   -Your character survives a psionic or telepathic attack that forces him/her to confront a personal demon of some sort.   If one of these things happens, you as a player can declare "Character Arc Strength of Will!" at which point you can raise your Willpower at the discounted rate, provided you raise your Willpower as soon as you have enough experience points. If you don't have enough experience saved up at the moment, you can bank this bonus for later, but you cannot raise any other character traits other than Willpower in the interim.


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