Beslyfle the Mother of Mercy

Beslyfle the Mother of Mercy is a legendary figure in gnomish legend credited with helping elevate the status of gnomes for centuries to come.   During the Red Era, gnomes were commonly dominated and exploited by bigger stronger races, especially humans. Now gnomes are treated much better, in many places gnomes arguably enjoy great social status as privleged minorities in the natiosn of others than the common people of the majority population.   In the current feudal era, Gnome slavery is illegal in almost all of Scarterra.   Even in places that practice human slavery with humans enslaving other humans, those in power do not seek to enslave gnomes. Even in Kahdisteria where the dark elves enslave almost everyone who is not them, gnome slavery is illegal.   Slavery is outlawed in wide swaths of Scarterra, but many Lanterns and other critics of those in power consider serfdom to be not much better than slavery. Even in places with rampant serfdom, most gnomes are free of serfdom.   Whether or not Delas, was a real person, the Order of Delas and their ancilliary group the Dagger of Delas used a combination of passive resistance, economic pressure, and subversive acts of covert violence to make sure any larger race that tried to exploit gnomes suffered for this action and did not profit it.   Gnomes don't like to boast about this, but they do like to boast about Beslyfle the Mother of Mercy, a mistreated slave who nevertheless applied her healing arts to save the infant son of an emperor from disease none of his royal phsyicians coudl treat successfully.   Beslyfle the gnome


Beslyfle the Mother of Mercy was a mistreated slave who nevertheless applied her healing arts to save the infant son of an ancient Umeran emperor from disease none of his royal physicians could treat successfully. Besylfle could have easily let the child die, and many would have given how poorly she and her people were treated by the imperial family but she did not want an innocent baby to die.   So moved by this act of kindness and impressed by her healing arts, the emperor freed all gnome slaves in his lands and put in new laws to protect their rights. Laws were kept by generations of his heirs and became the cultural norm.

Historical Basis

Scholars argue whether Beslyfle the Mother of Mercy was a real person or was a purely apochyphal figure.   It is noted that Umeran society in general holds gnomes in high esteem despite the fact that the Order of Delas has little power or influence here.   gnomes worldwide are often renown in healing arts, but in Umera, this is exaggerated. Almost every phsycian, surgeon, or midwife on the continent is either a gnome or was trained by gnomes.


Gnomes keep extensive social networks, are highly literate, and love storytelling. Thus, despite this being an ancient story in a specific place, this story has spread to every corner of Scarterra where gnomes live.

Variations & Mutation

Stories vary on which ancient ruler of which ancient nation was involved in the story. Some stories say the emperor's daughter was saved rather than a son.   Stories differ on whether Beslyfle the Mother of Mercy was a theurgist of some sort or perhaps she merely was well schooled in medicinal plants and herbal remedies.

Cultural Reception

Even far away from Umera, gnomes love to tell the story of Beslyfle the Mother of Mercy, especially in Mera worshiping circles.   Beslyfle is a very popular baby name for gnome girls. Beslyfle of Fumaya is a very prominent gnome with this name, matron of Fumayan Tenders and a gifted healer in the legacy of the famous Beslyfle the Mother of Mercy, and Fumaya has almost zero interaction with any nation or tribe in Umera.
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