"little goats"

"My children and I make a lot of jokes about me serving them 'little goats' but I have never actually done it. I My husband finds nothing humorous in this. If we did eat little goat, he would take it as a personal insult to him as a provider.   I've never eating "little goats" growing up but I heard stories from my grandmother and I listened well. We dwarves have faced hard times in the past and we may face hard times again."   -Bosoulin Chainbraids, dwarf homemaker
"Dwarves are reasonable enough people to talk to, but I would never accept a dwarf's hospitality. I noticed on my Rumspringa that in the various large cities I visited, the Dwarf Quarter never seems to have any alley cats.   -Nambra Jocan, Wood Elf


Material Characteristics

If meat is edible but of dubious origin (but not mortal flesh), it qualifies as "little goats" at least to dwarf.  
"Not every meal of little goat is a former pet or vermin. Squirrels make fine eatin' with the right herbs."   -Dulgrom, dwarf ranger

Origin & Source

Dwarves typically live with one foot in Scarnoctis and one foot in Scarterra. Their natural mining and crafting skills help them thrive with this lifestyle, but that doesn't change the fact that food is often scarce in the mountains and tunnels the dwarves favor.  
"Even if you take a dwarf out of the mountains, you don't take the mountains of the dwarf. It's a severe taboo for a dwarf to waste food. We don't dwarves are infamous for not caring about who we insult but you rarely hear a dwarf insulting the person cooking their food.   I balk at a lot of dwarf traditions but I agree with our people's understanding that you never take a full belly for granted and treat every meal like a gift."   Norabruck Grumblespine, dwarven Priestess of Nami Circuit Priestess of Nami
  Dwarves in a pinch will not hesitate to eat rats or cats or dogs much to the disgust of humans aware of the practice. This sort of fare is (almost) never their first choice, but dwarves do not shirk doing what is necessary to survive.   Dwarves were never picky eaters, but their main staple livestock is goats, so any questionable meat is often jokingly compared to as little goat meat.   Mortal flesh is never classified as "little goat." It is sometimes sardonically called "two-legged goat" but dwarves do not knowingly tolerate cannibals in their midst. That's not to say they never unknowingly have cannibals in their midst.


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