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Kiran Nobalis

Rogue King Kiran Nobalis

The current Rogue King of Scalespiral, widely lauded as a staunch champion of the common people, and loathed by much of the nobility of the Southern Continent.  Kiran has worked to spread the Rogue King's influence wider throughout the Southern Continent, and has a hand-picked team of courtiers in each city that report directly to him.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Kiran grew up in the undercity of Evergreen, as a baker's son.  Like most mortals, she made friends with the people in his social strata, and as she lived in the undercity, this included a lot of ne'er-do-wells.  Unfortunately, her mother's bakery went under when she was a teenager, leaving her to make a name for herself as a cut-purse.
When she was 19, she travelled to the The Gem of the Copper Isles to visit a friend, Orange Blossom, who worked in the undercity as a fancy lady.  She accompanied Orange Blossom to the Court of the Rogue King, as Blossom had been called in for lack of tithes, despite paying her owed 10% a week prior.  The Rogue King claimed that Blossom had not paid tithes for almost a year, and threatened to take out her debt in services.  Kiran defended Blossom and challenged the Rogue King to an honor duel to prevent him from taking extra tithes.  During the duel, Kiran blocked one of the Rogue King's knife thrusts with her dagger, which skittered along the sharp edge and off the blade, and plunged into the Rogue King's heart, killing him and making Kiran the new Rogue King.
Orange Blossom quickly helped Kiran consolidate power, which was not too difficult as the previous Rogue King had become quite a tyrant.  Together, they extended the support for the Rogue King across the continent, and ensured that she had a much greater influence on the cities outside of the Copper Isles.
Chaotic Good
Current Location
Year of Birth
3083 AGE 21 Years old
Dark brown
Long braided straight brown
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Lightly tanned
Ruled Locations