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1492 AE

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The world of Sayarh is a rich and intriguing one.   The goal of this universe is to blend traditional fantasy with completely new ideas. Humans and Elves with a tense past live on the main continent. In the sea and shores to the west live the Onaga, a mystical and deceitful race of fish-like humanoids. To the north, the nomadic penguin-inspired Toralik make their camps. Hajaari, a race of magically-infused immortal golems and the oldest beings on Sayarh, claim the east and are occupied with trying to decipher the mysteries of their creation. In the East Sea, a large piece of land is home to Dwarves along with their history of Toralik slavery which only ended in recent years after a brutal civil war.   The areas of the world vary from the glorious Plains of Julius, to the vast alien landscape of the Kyros Isles; from the frozen mountaintops of Silfrlind, to the luscious and dense forests of Caydran. There are cities as grandiose and majestic as Gedorain, or as ancient and stalwart as Tazizi. Points of interest include natural wonders like Dragon's Tooth glacier, and deadly territories such as the Pyrewell Chain. This world is full to the brim with mystery, political intrigue, and adventure.   One of the most fascinating enigmas on Sayarh is the story of the Elder Ones. Their time has come and gone, but expansive ruins and inscriptions leave so much to be learned about their fate; and perhaps the fate of Sayarh itself.