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S13. So much to do and so little time! Report

General Summary

  The heroes, after the creepy mist-hand of the deep dissipated, decided wherever that came from can wait to be explored. For now, they would regroup at the Stonehill Inn and have a few rounds over a discussion of their options. Ozus  and Sir Nesbit headed for Wilmanric's Magic Shop while the others went on ahead.
  At the magic shop, they did not see Wilmanric. Instead, they were greeted from behind the counter by a short blue humanoid with a large head topped in a bowler hat. He had a high, but gruff, voice and spoke in a lower-common to them. They negotiated to have two potions and the sward named Talon identified. He took their 30 gp and the 3 items and disappeared behind a door. About an hour later, he came back, and told them the two potions were Healing Potions, then took them back to the back to demonstrate the sword.
  Four other little blue guys were back there in what looked somewhat like an archery range, or something. One dude had the sword and showed the heroes what happens when you swing it. Another dude showed what happens when you try to stop that sword from cleaving your head with a crappy shield. Two others carried the second one off after it took two a few seconds to pry the sword out of his little blue derbied skull. The first one explained it was a magical sword, of course, something of legend, and that you had to spend some time with it, one-on-one, to get to learn the other abilities it might offer to perception. With that they met back up with the others.
  In the Inn, the party discussed several options, including three new quests found on the job board.
“Deep in Neverwinter Wood, along the river that flows west toward Neverwinter, is a logging camp. Every two months, Phandalin delivers fresh supplies to the camp, which is run by the half-brother of Phandalin’s townmaster, Harbin Wester. Barthen, the local provisioner, has prepared a new delivery. He needs someone to bear the supplies safely to the camp. Return to Harbin Wester with a notice of delivery signed by his half-brother, Tibor Wester, to claim your reward of 100 gp.”

“Within a mountain fifteen miles south of Phandalin stands the ancient dwarven fortress of Axeholm, which has been sealed for years. If a dragon attack is imminent, the people of Phandalin might need to evacuate and take refuge in Axeholm. To that end, someone needs to open the fortress and make it safe for habitation. Once you accomplish these tasks, return to Townmaster Wester to collect a reward of 250 gp.”

“The dragon that besets us is not the first to threaten this region. Between here and Neverwinter lies the barrow mound of a warrior whose magical dragon-slaying weapon helped fell a green dragon terrorizing the High Road a century ago. Rumor has it the dragon slaying weapon is buried there too. Retrieve it, and let the weapon be its own reward!”

  They also considered the ideas of:
    • Claiming the 300 gp mentioned in the letter for Bright Song.
    • Finding the Ruins of Thundertree where the rescued Myrna said some jewelry remained hidden that got left behind when the village was attacked by undead.
    • Return to the Undercrypt (or perhaps it was the Necropolis mentioned in the letters found in Glasstaff's quarters).

  Thei first order of business was the fast-cash of Bright Song's reward, where they promptly hit a wall with the other crew of adventurers that came to town with it to help protect it. The mercs names, again:
    • Cenryk - Wizard Human. A Neverwinter Noble
    • Heledon - Fighter Human
    • Merkyn - Cleric Human
    • Wode - Ranger Human
    • Pek - Rogue Human
Cenryk is clearly their leader, and he refused to give the 300 gp to anyone that wasn't Bright Song, and instead suggested strongly that the funds should be used to pay them instead of burdening the town or the adventurers with their compensation for protecting the town. It was a tense conversation to say the least.
  Ultimately, they decided to head out to find Thundertree, and along the way there, or back, try to also find the Dragon Barrow. Before leaving town they stopped to buy supplies and visit Sister Gareale to share information and ask questions.
  At the junction of the Phandalin Road and the Triboar Trail, the party made camp for the night, but didn't even get through the first watch before the very white dragon that hope to soon defeat swooped overhead and then turned to fly back to attack. The party was quickly roused from sleep and set up to defend themselves. Kally ran forward to throw a spear that glanced off its scaled to no effect. She hit the dirt hoping to avoid the coming attack. But the dragon let loose with a cone of deathly chill that froze the poor girl unconscious.
  The rest of the group made a few feeble attacks, but some landed true, and some of those were well-placed. The dragon flew off in anger seeking easier prey for the night. Prey that didn't offer flying arrows and bolts that annoyed it. Ah but he'd remember those humanoids...indeed he would.

Rewards Granted

An identified Magic Sword Identified 2 healing potions
Saviors of the Sword Coast
Neutral Good Variant Human (Urban Bounty Hunter)
Fighter 4
Warlock 3
74 / 74 HP
Neutral Fierna Tiefling (Acolyte)
Cleric 12
88 / 88 HP
Report Date
15 Mar 2022
Primary Location
Secondary Location
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