Session 2: Escaping the search party

General Summary

Even though they were heavily wounded, Barry and finnbar managed to run out of the city before the alarms were sounded for the escaping prisoners. They quickly made their way into the Ashenvale forrest in an attempt to lose the heat that they caused with their prison escape. The weather was terrible, it was pouring rain. It was raining so much it made it hard to see when the water stream blurring your sight was not swiped away. As if the water pouring from the sky wasn't bad enough a massive thunderstorm was going on too. While running into the forest the two could hear the trumpet sounds of the city's alarm. This sound was quickly followed up the sound of a search party coming after them. The two ran as fast as they could threw the forest. but could hear the sounds from the search party coming closer. As Finnbarr looked behind him he could see the search party, he saw that the search party consisted of 4 orc guards travelling on 2 horses. In an attempt to slow the chase group down Finnbar quickly tied a rope between two trees. because speed was the priority on tying these knots the rope loosened up and slipped down the tree, therefore losing all it's purpose.  

Finnbar and Barry kept running without a good sense of direction, which caused them to all of sudden find themselves at the bottom of a cliff. Finnbar was happy he picked up his bag with items from the prison again. This bag contained pitons that he could use to climb up on the cliff in no time. Next up was Barry, his hooves however were not as well designed for bouldering, after a few moments he slipped and fell down. Luckily it was early on the climb and he could try again. He took a running start and try to run up to the wall, Just as he thought he would not make it Finnbar grabbed him by the arm. "I'm not going to leave you behind" Finnbar said as with all his strength managed to hold on the massive Tauren so he could get on top of the cliff. The search party that was after them had managed to close the distance quite. they were almost at the bottom of the cliff.   Finnbar realised he might not be able to straight up outrun this party that was travelling by horse. He came up with an idea to deal with them. He grabbed a flask of oil out of his backpack and put a piece of cloth into it. He waited for the group to be right at the foot of the cliff, he then set the cloth on fire using his the tools from his tinderbox. he launched the flask that he had turned into what looked like a Molotov cocktail down the cliff towards the horses. The horses frightened by the fire reared up, causing the orc guards to fall off. The horses ran of into the distance forcing the group to proceed on foot.   Finnbar saw how the four orcs decided against climbing the cliff and seemed to take the longer path up the cliff. With them losing vision of the two they quickly made a plan. In what felt like pure panic Finnbar looked around. He then said to Barry: "Look we won't make any footprints on this rock plateau if we just move out the soaking wet soiled part and create some fake footprints we could backtrack down the cliff and lose them that way. Before they find out were we went we will be long gone. Sounds like a plan doesn't it"   Barry nodded his head and quickly moved towards the soaking wet soil to leave so fresh footprints. Finnbar even went the extra mile by placing some more of the remainder of cloth he had onto a tree-branch. So far the plan worked great, they left some nice footprints, all they had to do now was carefully step backwards to not ruin their just created diversion. They took there time to as precise as they could to not ruin the false trail.   However they might have taken a bit to long, right before they could make climb down the cliff again they could see the search party had made their way up the longer path and was now also on the top of cliff. Time for Plan B: RUN!!! must have been Finnbar's plan as he ran as fast as he could over the slippery moss covered stone plateau. Barry ran right after him, but his hooves seemed to find less grip on the moss, causing him to stumble and fall. The four orcs saw this as their chance to catch one of the two fugitives and sprinted towards the Tauren that was lying face-down on the ground. They however underestimated what the pouring rain had done to the moss-covered rocks too. and one by one they started slipping over giving Barry enough time to get back up.   The sun was going down and in this dense Forrest it became very dark very quickly now, this made it so that Barry could only just see Finnbar up in the distance. For a moment Barry even doubted if this was Finnbar, but seeing how it would be very unlikely to meet someone else in the forest at this time a day made him decided to run into that direction nonetheless. Finnbar looking back over his shoulder saw that Barry had managed to get back up and was making his way over too. He quickly shifted his focus on to the unbeaten path ahead of him. Lightning struck a tree nearby, causing it to break and fall over. Finnbar only barely managed to dodge out from the tree. Remembering seeing Barry behind him he shouted out to watch out for the fallen tree. Barry only just heard this above the sound of the thunderstorm. Barry wiped the rain away from his eyes ones more only to see the fallen tree Finnbar had mentioned, in one quick manoeuvrer he jumped over the tree.   Focus remained of the highest importance with the darkness taking of the forest, as Finnbar nearly ran of the edge of a cliff. Finnbar decided to hang on the cliff in an attempt to hide out of sight. Barry ran as quickly as he could towards the edge of the cliff too, but looking behind him he noticed the search party had abandoned their chase, most likely because the vision became to little without the sunlight lightening up the sky. As he got to the edge of the cliff he mentioned that he felt the group of orcs had stopped looking for them. Both then decided to stop running and walk in a lower speed through the forest, preventing to run of a cliff. A couple hours later that night, the two arrived at a very small outpost in the forest called Splintertree Outpost   The two quickly noted the inn in this small outpost, The barge inn. Barry quickly tried to shake his fur dry before they went into the inn where they hired a room to spend the night.
Report Date
28 Oct 2021


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