Ley Line Walker

The crackling energy of life emits a pale blue glow as it surges across the landscape in rope-like rivers taller than a three story building. Some people can be seen floating along these rivers, bending the energy to their own purposes. We call these people Ley Line Walkers.   When magic came to earth after the rifts, some portion of humanity evolved to be able to tap into it. Manifesting at puberty, less than 3% of all humans have gained this ability.



Magical ability in humans is an ability that either exists or doesn't. It can not be learned to granted by any means other than being born with it. When a child with the ability to manipulate arcane energies reaches puberty, they undergo a fundamental transformation. There is no outward sign of this transformation, but they develop their own arcane pathways that are invisible to the naked eye. One could liken these pathways as the ley lines of their bodies.
In pre-cataclysm Earth, there was a lot written about the possible existence of such pathways. And just like how Ley Lines produce nexus points where they come together on the planet, the body also has points where its pathways come together. These have been known through history as chakra.         A Ley Line Walker is a person who has managed to tap into this arcane energy to manipulate the world around them.

Career Progression

There is no formal standard for the education of Ley Line Walkers. New spells and abilities must be learned or gained through experimentation or research.   The most capable 'Walkers are those who have a good grasp of their personal energy pathways and their chakras and how they can supplement this energy from the world around them. Some powers require the opening of certain chakras, with the most powerful requiring multiple chakras at once.



As masters of spell casting, few can equal the Ley Line Walker in pure magical ability. As they are capable of defending against threats both conventional and supernatural, most walkers have taken up combat-oriented occupations. Even those seeking solitude must still be capable of self defense to survive this dangerous world.


The name "Ley Line Walker" was originally an epithet given to the humans who gained arcane abilities after the coming of the rifts. But as other races have come to live on the planet, they too have experienced the phenomenon of raising children with this ability.


There have always been humans with the ability to tap into the arcane. But since the accessible magical energy on Earth has been so minimal, and difficult to tap besides, it is unknown what percentage of the human population has ever exhibited the ability. Needless to say, it has been prevalent enough for the ability to survive in the race until the coming of the rifts.



Because humans are not inherently magical beings, they can not survive ingesting the purified magic energy found in ley lines. Ley Line Sickness is the tragic result. This is of special concern to Ley Line Walkers, since they rely on Ley Line energy for their power.   To avoid the sickness, 'walkers wear a special mask that filters the pure ley line energy into a form and concentration humans can absorb.   These masks enable them to operate freely within Ley Lines and Nexus Points.

Cover Photo:A ley Line Walker at his full puissance walking in the raw energy of a ley line nexus.   Below: A 'walker channeling her energy.
Alternative Names
'walker, Spellcaster
Ley Line Walkers are in high demand wherever they go. MIlitia, mercenaries and merchants all desire the flexibility that Ley Line Walkers can provide.
Ley Line walkers, like all manipulators of the arcane, are illegal in the Coalition States and will be captured or killed on site if capture is not feasible.

Cover image: Ley Line Walker by Kevin Long


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