Savage Rifts Midwest

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This world takes its inspiration from classic Rifts from before the war for Tolkeen. I've taken extensive liberty to modify the source material to make this my own world, adding religion, races and lore that do not exist in either the original Palladium or Pinnacle versions of the world.   The adventure starts "the day after tomorrow" in the world of the our players themselves. Their beginning characters are a contemporary United Nations team put together to investigate and defend against supernatural events. Because of the international nature of this team, any Rifts Wordbook can be mined for source material for the player characters. So North and South American, Japanese, European, African and Asian characters are all acceptable. Keeping in mind possible evolution of these beginning characters into Rifts classes or adopting new characters upon arrival in Rifts Earth allows us the maximum freedom for players to play the exact character they've always wanted to play. Any fantasy, horror, mutant, alien or hi-tech character can be represented in the game.   Because we expect players to be new to Rifts and Savage Worlds, every player will start as a human member of the team in the modern setting. Here we will learn the system in familiar, less lethal surroundings. Soon, however, players find themselves in Rifts Earth, over 300 years into the future. Upon arriving, players will be given the option of continuing on with the characters they have been using or creating new characters native to the new setting. Of course, existing characters also have the option of "going native," converting to cyborgs, for example, or awakening latent powers they didn't know they had. There is even a means for a 21st century character to become a Psi-Stalker. What's a Psi-stalker, you ask? A psychic vampire, of course, who must feed on life energy to survive.   It is a sandbox world not designed with a central plot in mind for the players to follow. The world is populated with its own independent stories, events and plots happening whether the players are involved or not. This should hopefully allow the players to determine their own direction and making sure there is always something intriguing for them to pursue. The world will abound with plot hooks, and I have no idea which way they will go next. This also allows us to determine if the players like exploration, horror, intrigue, or dungeon diving. Whether players want more combat or more diplomacy, or a mixture of all of the above.   To that end, this WorldAnvil world is established to provide a central repository in order to keep consistency and to record where and when random events occur and to document timelines.
ANYONE is welcome to use this world for their own or for inspiration, although I would appreciate it if you mentioned where you got it from. And EVERYONE is invited to provide feedback and suggestions to make it even better.