Crixus Morte

Between Death and Life, there is another state: Undeath. Necromancy encompasses the magicks that create, bind, and govern creatures who are undying. There is one god that has absolute power in the realm of Necromancy and that is Crixus Morte. Not much is known about this dark being and there are no records of him for the first 2000 years of recorded history. Then he appeared, empowering everything from Liches to Vampires and waging an influence campaign against the forces of the living. He waged this campaign in the shadows and made all living creatures truly afraid of the dark until recently when he began a brutal war against the Council of Branches and all their subjects, vassals, and their lands. Beyond the subjugation of these lands, Crixus Morte's aims are a mystery, but whatever he has planned it may very well remake the world into a hideous shadow of it's former self.

Divine Domains

Necromancy and Undeath
Divine Classification


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