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Kragen's Crown

This bone circlet has five settings for gemstones at its front. The central setting is large enough for a sizable precious stone, flanked by two medium settings, and two smaller settings just forward of the temples.   Attributed to Kragen, this crown is one of the more powerful magical artifacts ever fashioned. Lore has it that a wide set of stones were cut to fit into the Crown, each lending different powers and focus to the power of the whole. In this way, the Crown could adapt to different circumstances or wearers.   The Crown has remained elusive throughout its history, though its verified appearances have been impressive (if brief). Rumor seems to be easier to come by than fact, including two particularly interesting theories:   1) The crown pre-dates Kragen. 2) The crown burns out and uses up whoever wears it.   As rumor, verification of either claim is suspect.   A third fact is that though the crown is named after Kragen, monk-historian Neallan never mentioned the wizard possessing or using it.

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