Many kiss the hand they wish cut off. We hold the blade.
— Supposed motto of the Taliones
  Taliones, commonly referred to as Falcons, is a notoriously known secret society that stands in the centre of the most popular conspiracy theories. For some an entertaining rumour, for others a guild of reckless assassins, for most just common criminals trying to lie their way out of imprisonment by blaming someone else. "The Taliones did it!" is the number one response you'll hear in prisons all over Saphiros.   For hundreds of years, Taliones are presumed to be lurking in the shadows, pulling strings in various court intrigues and slowly but surely gaining complete control over the entire archipelago. They are said to be notoriously atheistic, believing the world to be a soulless rock just aimlessly floating in the universe. According to them, no one is watching over the man(and mer- and tree-)kind, so the mankind has to watch over itself to get anywhere. And the Taliones aim to get far.   They are not only alleged to try to control monarchies and aristocracy, but also the commerce and technological inventions. There is even supposedly a small magic clique going by the name Mist. If we believe the rumours no one can hide from the Taliones even in the darkest depths of the ocean, because they have planted their agents absolutely everywhere. Their new world order is coming.   They leave a grey or silver feather as their mark.

Public Agenda

To make the world a better place, supposedly. To cut off the false idols people bow to, to cut off corrupted people in power and show them how quickly one might lose their influence. To get rid off the seemingly untouchables.

Secret, Brotherhood
Alternative Names


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