The blue world.

Saphiros, a name for around 12,000 island, the world itself and the primary goddess of its inhabitants. There are three dominant sapient species: the redbloods (menfolk), the bluebloods (Merfolk) and the greenbloods (treefolk) and they only occupy around half of the islands. The rest is either not suitable for settlements or unexplored.   The temperatures remain mostly the same all year around, as the archipelago lies near the equator of the planet. The north and the south varies a bit. Snow falls only rarely and only in Orleena. There are only two seasons, the wet and the dry, each lasting around half the year, but the wet season is usually longer.


There's around 60 active volcanoes in the area, with new ones appearing every six years or so - mostly in the sea. The biggest one is Ajita in the south west, almost peaking above water. It's the richest mining ground for obsidian.   Lakes and rivers are rare but they do exist.

Fauna & Flora

Tropical forests cover three quarters of the land. Huge coral reefs around the edge of the main islands. No matter where you are, crazy coloured stuff surrounds you. Some of it wants to eat you. Actually, most of it.   Potatoes are a thing.

Natural Resources

A lot of different types of wood, a lot of different types of metal. Different livestock kept above water, different in.


  • Map of Saphiros

    Archipelago of Saphiros.

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Saffa, Zaveera
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The planet Saphiros orbits around two suns and has 5 additional moons, which means tides are a very complex thing. When one sun eclipses the other, the day is cooler than average and tides are noticeably stronger. This happens every six days, which is why there are six days in a week.


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I find very interesting how solar-solar eclipses make a week. These things with more than one sun always bugged me.   Now the waves may have interesting patterns because of thw moons. I bet there are lots of different configurations.

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Hi! I'm already working on an expanded version of this article where I will go into more details about the planet and the suns and moons. The inspiration for having two suns was this article Could An Earth Like Planet Exist Around Two Suns? and in their example, they had their suns have a 10 days orbit, thus having the eclipse happen every five days. And I thought it could be really cool if it marked the end of the week for people. I'm not sure how accurate their article is or not and so far, I won't probably be going too crazy with the math regarding Saphiros, as it is a fantasy world after all. Tips and comments will be always welcomed, though.

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I'll try to check this article later. Thanks for sharing it!