Always finds the right path.

Every culture in Saphiros views the ocean as a vital source. And in order to get the maximum out of it, whatever that might be for that particular culture, one needs to know the right way. That's what navigators are for. Out of all of the marine professions this one is by far the most respected one across all nations. Not even pirates kill a good navigator.   Navigator's responsibility is to plan the journey and adjust the course accordingly to avoid all dangers and to always know where in the world their ship currently is. Their main goal is to never get lost. And then it is to never get sunk.



Knowledge of the coastline, various ports, sea currents and star constellations. Good cartography skills are optional along with reading and writing. When navigating smaller fishing and merchant vessels those are not necessary, but if someone wants to eventually sail on bigger ships or even internationally, basic education is a must. It is usually provided by naval academies in bigger ports or while doing an apprenticeship on an official naval vessel.

Career Progression

This is the best starting point for anyone who wants to become a captain of his own vessel or who wants to quickly ascend through the navy ranks.

Other Benefits

Navigators are trusted by their captain and crew and are treated as such. If there's shortage of supplies, food or men on board; navigators tend to be the ones least affected by these circumstances as everyone wants their brain working on hundred and ten percent, so they can get them to a safe place to resupply.   Also, if you are a navigator you are the person that gets the least harassed, no matter your gender, ethnicity or social status.



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