Lighthouse of Taave

Love conquers all.
— The inscription at the bottom of the statue
  Taave was the first king who persuaded the former free city of Akirath, to join the Mithas Kingdom. It is said that the only thing Taave has ever lost a fight to was the charm of captain Suunos, current leader of Akirath, and as such the only thing demolished during this conquest was his bedroom. Rumour or not, Taave is considered to be the greatest strategist of Mithas, because he managed to defeat local rebelling warlords, appease skirmishes between different princedoms and bring economic prosperity to his then struggling island. He was the one who renewed the people's faith in monarchy. The long periods of civil wars preceding his ascension to the throne and the toll they took upon the common people are probably the main reasons why the peaceful union of Akirath with the rest of the kingdom is so celebrated and hailed as the beginning of a new age.   To honour their king, during the centennial anniversary of Akirath becoming the capital city of Mithas, a proposition was made to construct the tallest lighthouse there has ever been in the likeness of the king Taave, because the current lighthouse was in desperate need of repairs. The best artisans in land were summoned to the royal court and given three months to come up with a plan.   The construction of this lighthouse statue took close to 11 years and the marble king is standing 130 meters tall, towering over the coastline with all of his regalia. The light is produced on top of his head, his crown constructed as a special metal furnace to accommodate the giant fire. Each year during the festivities celebrating the union with Akirath he is dressed up in a giant robe a week ahead and candles with flowers are laid down to his feet at the end of the annual parade of dancers, musicians and people in the streets.   Taave is nowadays seen as the bringer of bright futures and worshipped as a demigod of peace.


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