"Watch us rise."

Akirath is the capital city of the Mithas Kingdom, stuck in constant competition with Neekai over which city is truly the finest around. While the consensus is that, despite having the tallest lighthouse a man has ever made, they are kind of loosing lately. Which doesn't make the port less interesting or the people less lively, quite the opposite. The recent fall in reputation is mostly due to increased frequency of corruption cases among all social circles and the rise of several criminal organisations, most notably the Falcons. One does not really feel safe here, walking the streets at certain hours, but it wouldn't be such a fun city if it were any other way. People come here for experiences not for leisure.


Akirath is known for being the ultimate melting pot of Saphiros. It is said that no matter the colour of your skin or how many tentacles are peaking out of your clothes, there's always someone exactly like you already there. For decades the port offers all the cuisines imaginable, all the dialects and most importantly all of the sea shanties that have ever crossed the lips of a breathing creature. People from all over the archipelago travel here just to spend at least couple of days perusing the city, so they have something to tell their grandchildren.


Akirath started as a variety of small and hidden ports along the coastline that was especially rich pearl hunting ground and therefore was very favourite destination of treasure seekers of all kinds. Simply told, Akirath used to be a very busy pirate port, which also means very frequently destroyed. But as long as there were still some pearls to be found, it was never quite forgotten. And as long as there was always someone willing to buy them, Akirath would rise from its ashes again. And again. Until it has overgrown pretty much everything else.   Except Neekai.

Alternative Name(s)
Iridescent Port
Close to 100,000 residents.
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