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Sanguine Shadows

A World of Darkness (White Wolf) game
In the world of Sanguine Shadows

This story is told by

The Second Inquisition has reared its head, the Sabbat and many of the Camarilla elders have disappeared. The Camarilla has shut its the Anarchs, to technology and to the weaker of their kind. The Anarchs have made headway and taken several cities...will New York be next?   Perhaps most troubling of all are the mysterious happenings in the Middle East and the appearance of 14th, 15th and 16th Generation vampires...   Now when the Kindred need to work together the most, they find themselves the most fractious.

The Protagonists

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Sessions List

Past Session

22nd Dec 2018
Krampusnacht Session 2
15th Dec 2018
Krampusnacht Session 1

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8th Dec 2018
V5 Session 0
10th Nov 2018
Suffer not the Children

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29th Sep 2018
Oh Brother
1st Sep 2018
Battle Lines Session 3

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4th Aug 2018
Battle Lines Session 2
20th Jul 2018
Battle Lines Session 1
26th May 2018
The Truth Beneath Our Feet Session 2
12th May 2018
The Truth Beneath Our Feet Session 1

Something lives beneath the streets of the city.

13th Apr 2018
Strange Things Are Afoot at the IHOP

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  • Map of Manhattan
  • Map of New York City