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The Hunt for Space Case Final Session

General Summary

After meeting at a local IHOP and dealing with someone that was apparently watching the group, the coterie staked out the cell phone, waiting for some break in the case. The break came in the form of the Triad enforcers from previously taking a shipment out of a white van nearby.   All the while, things were being watched by a raven, who @Ahana noticed was some kind of shapeshifter.   Searching the van, a business card for SC Distributors was located. Following that lead, the PCs located the lab that was creating space case, run by a strange Kindred (@Engram) and her guard. Silvi tried to sneak in but alerted the two. Ahana took the wheel of the van, ramming the gate and breaking through one of the shipping doors. Apparently they were mixing faerie blood with PCP and some other type of blood and selling it.   After Engram vomited darkness engulfing the entire area, the fight was on. After the smoke had cleared, Engram and @Gronk were defeated, the lab was burned and Ahana tried some of the changeling blood.

Sanguine Shadows
Kraydon Severson
Player Journals
Test journal by
Report Date
13 Apr 2018
Primary Location
New York City

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