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Social Butterfly

Whether you are a fixture on the local club scene, haunt the local retro-arcade or seek out company at fancy parties, you use the throng of humanity to feed, but with more subtlety than the Scene Queen. You're not in it for the fame or the glory, you're just here to have a good time and maybe grab a bite in alleyway without all the messy promises of sex that a Siren offers up. Roll: Charisma + Persuasion Specialty: Add a Specialty: Etiquette (your chosen venue, such as High Society or Clubs) or Insight (Desires) Disciplines: Gain one dot of Auspex or Presence Backgrounds: Gain one dot of the Herd Background and one dot of the Contacts Background Flaw: Gain the flaw Stalkers (O) or Adversary (a rival Kindred) (O)


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