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Loresheet: Infernalist

You have sold your soul to the Devil, or at least a reasonable facsimile thereof. In return for your soul, you gain powers unknown by most other Kindred.

  O Sense the Sin: (Requires Auspex) By making a Wits + Auspex or Resolve + Auspex opposed roll against the target's Resolve + Subterfuge. If you win, you can sense the target's greatest weakness. At one success you know the target's Willpower. With two successes you learn the target's greatest secret (such as the target's Dark Secret, if any).   OO Fear of the Void Below: (Requires the Presence power, Daunt): While using Daunt, if you succeed at an Manipulation + Intimidation roll against the target's Resolve + Composure, you can cause the target's greatest fear to overwhelm him or her. The target must resist This deals one point of Superficial Willpower damage.   OOO Conflagration: You can summon the flames of Hell itself, a black flame that is so could it burns the very soul. Make a Rouse check and roll Dexterity + Athletics to hit the target. If the target is struck, the flame deals the Margin in Aggravated Health damage to mortals and non-halved Superficial Health damage to vampires.   OOOO Psychomachia: (Requires Sense the Sin, above) After learning a victim's greatest sin, you can summon an apparition that only that victim can see. Make a Rouse check and roll Intelligence + Occult vs. the victim's Composure + Resolve. The illusion deals Aggravated Willpower damage equal to the Margin.   OOOOO Condemnation: You can levy a curse on a target. Make a Rouse check and roll Intelligence + Occult vs. the target's Resolve + Occult. If successful, you state a curse and the target suffers a penalty to all rolls with a given Attribute equal to the Margin. This lasts for a Scene, but if a Critical Win is gained, the curse lasts until the next sunrise.


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