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Hell Gate Whirlpool Room

This large room, like the others in Hell Gate, is completely dark. In the beam of your flashlight you can make out many details however. Almost all of the faux-stone facade in this room has melted away, leaving behind the metal skeleton of the room. The room smells of stagnant water and blood. A dripping noise, the sound of rats skittering and chattering in the darkness and a muffled whimper of a child can be heard.   The central area of the room contains the track and mechanism for the "whirlpool" from the old ride, a series of rails and wheels. There is a small pool of water, about ankle deep, in the whirlpool chamber, filled with ankle-deep water. In the water floats algae, moss and the detritus of over a century of abandonment, causing the water to become a thick soup of disease and stagnation. Near the far end of the whirlpool section is one of the boats for the former ride, a melted and burned out husk, laying on its side. In the center, hanging by a chain tied around her ankles, from the maintenance walkway above, is the corpse of a woman hanging upside-down, whose throat seems to have been fairly recently cut. Blood still drips from her gore-covered face and hair from her wound, slowly dropping into the water. The woman's eyes are wide open, an expression of terror on her face and her wounds show that she was probably horribly tortured before her throat was slit. Her arms hang loosely, blood dripping from her fingertips. She is too far above the room to reach without some sort of supernatural aid.   Around the edge of the room are the maintenance platforms, elevated a few feet from the whirlpool section. A small metal ladder on the left side of the room leads down into the whirlpool area., attached to the wall with thick bolts. On either side of the whirlpool area are metal columns that lead up to the metal ceiling supports, a series of hand holds allowing access to the maintenance walkways above. As your light shines around the room, dozens of rats scatter as your light hits them. The maintenance walkways above are simple metal affairs with a waist-high railing to prevent accidents.   The ceiling above and walls outside of the maintenance areas are concrete, with a lattice of rusted metal supports holding the whole thing up.   On the far side of the room is the platform where visitors to the ride would disembark from their boats, leading to the exit doors. The exit doors themselves are locked with a heavy chain and a padlock. The chain and lock look much newer than the rest of the room; definitely added recently. A few feet to the right of the exit door are a series of drainage pipes, rusted from a century of being moist. Chained to those pipes, again with chains and locks that appear to be a recent addition, is a young boy of about 8 years olf, crying. He looks relatively unharmed, save for a few scratches. A strip of dirty cloth covers his mouth, acting as a gag. His hands, feet and body are chained to the drainage pipes. His face is dirty, save for the areas where his never-ending tears have washed away the filth from his face. If you had to guess, his whimpers sound almost like the word "mama, " repeated over and over again.

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