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Fomori Powers

Animal Control: As Animalism power Feral Whispers (level 2).   Armored Hide: Each level of Armored Hide acts as 2 levels of normal armor.   Armored Skin: Each level of Armored Skin adds +1 to the Fomori's Health Track   Berserker: The Fomori frenzies like a Vampire.   Bestial Mutation: Roll Dexterity + Athletics. Character takes the abilities of an animal.   Body-Barbs: The fomor deals aggravated damage to Mortals. If bought more than once, each time adds +1 damage (Max of 3 times, for +2 damage)   Body Expansion: Hand to hand damage in expanded form deals +2 damage. Character loses one box from his Health Track while large.   Brain Eating: This attack deals Superficial Willpower damage.   Cancerous Carapace: For 1 Willpower, this acts as the Fortitude power Tougness.   Cause Insanity: As the Dominate power, Dementation. The Fomor rolls Manipulation + Intimidate.   Chameleon Coloration: This acts as the Obfuscate power Unseen Passage.   Claws and Fangs: The fomor deals non-halved superficial damage to Vampires and Aggravated damage to Mortals.   Darksight--No penalty for darkness, but -1 penalty in bright light.   Deception: The Fomor appears human even to Aura Perception   Dentata Orifice: The fomor deals non-halved Superficial damage with Grapple checks.   Echoes of Wrath: Formor rolls Manipulation + Intimidate vs. target's Resolve + Composure. This deals Superficial Willpower damage. If the target's Willpower track is filled up, instead of taking Aggravated Willpower damage, it spends the difference acting out the chosen emotion for one Turn. If the target has been indulging in a product produced by Pentex within the last Scene, the target has a -1 penalty.   Ectoplasmic Extrusion: Diffi 1. +1 die to Strength for any Feat of Strength. The tentacles can also be used as an unarmed attack.   Exoskeleton: The fomor gains +1 Strength and +1 Stamina (with an additional Health Level as a result). if the Attribute goes above 5, it may cause panic in mortals.   Extra Limbs: The fomor has +1 die for Grapple attempts.   Extra Speed: This acts as the Celerity O power, Rapid Reflexes   Eyes of the Wyrm: Presence O power, Eyes of the Serpent (see Anarch book). The Fomor rolls Charisma + Performance.   Fiery Discharge: The attack roll is Composure (or possibly Wits) + Athletics. If it hits, the attack deals +0 Aggravated damage.   Footpads: The fomor has +1 bonus to Stealth rolls.   Frog TOngue: The fomor can grapple with the tongue, up to 1 meter away. If pulling the target towards him, the fomor has +1 bonus to the roll.   Fungal Touch: The Formor makes a Dexterity + Brawl roll, or is touched. The victim must make a Stamina + Resolve roll, difficulty 1, or suffer a -1 penalty on all rolls made using Physical Attributes. The penalty lasts for one day but can be healed as if it were Aggravated damage.   Fungal Udder: The Fomor rolls Stamina + Resolve. Each success generates enough food fo rone Wyrm-tainted creature for one day.   Gaseous Form: As the Protean OOOO power, Mist Form   Gifted Fomor: Just hold off on this one...   Hazardous Breath: Dexterity + Athletics roll. This inflicts Superficial damage against Vampires, but Aggravated against mortals. Halve as normal.   Hazardous Heave: As Hazardous Breath (and in fact, requires this power) but deals non-halved Superficial damage.   Hell's Hide: Subtract 1 point of damage from heat, fire or radiation.   Homogeneity: The oppoent resists with Wits + Composure. Every two successes reduces one die.   Immunity to the Delerium: Not really useful in a Vampire game...   Infectious Touch: If an unarmed attack succeeds and the Fomor spends a point of Willpower, it deals a single level of Aggravated damage.   Invisibility: As the Obfuscate power, Unseen Presence.   Malleate: Make an attack as normal. For one turn per Margin on the attack, the target takes one point of non-halved Superficial damage. If the Health track is filled with damage as a result of this power, the victim becomes a pile of goo and can take no actions until the damage heals.   Maw of the Wyrm: Vampires don't suffocate so other than this being a gross Grapple attack there's not much effect.   Mind Blast: The Fomor rolls Wits + Awareness, the victim resists with Wits + Resolve. the attack deals Superficial Willpower damage.   Molecular Weakening: If the Fomor spens a Willpower on an unarmed or melee attack, it is not halved for vampires if it is Superficial damage. No effect for Aggravated damage.   Nimbleness: Add +1 bonus for climbing, jumping and balance.


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