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Dreamland was the last of the iconic Coney Island parks built in the early 1900s. Opened in 1904, the large central tower and outlying buildings were lit and outlined with over one million electric lights.   In 1911, due to competition with nearby Luna Park, several changes were made to the park before it opened. Once, the buildings were all painted white (to show elegance) but they were repainted in bright colors. On the fateful night of March 27, 1911, the ride known as Hell Gate had a leak. The leak was repaired using tar. A later electrical malfunction caused the lights around Hell Gate to explode. In the darkness, a worker tipped over a bucket of pitch which then caught fire. Hell Gate burst into flames quickly, and the fire spread to the rest of the park.   After the park's destruction, the City of New York purchased the land the park sat on, intending to demolish it. Unfortunately, they did not and the park still stands today, a burned out husk of a dream.

March 27, 1911
Theme park / Entertainment complex
Parent Location
Coney Island
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