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Lady in Blue

The woman is nearly seven foot tall, wearing tattered finery of deepest blue and somehow her head is that of a statue of a woman. Her features are inanimate and softened, as if rain and wind had eroded the statue head over time. In her left hand she holds two severed human heads by the hair. In her right hand she holds three. As you approach she holds all five up as if to great you with their dead faces. Then those dead eyes open, and the five heads speak to you in unison, each in their own voice. “Welcome, brave friends. I know you have many questions, but let them wait for now. I know you must be exhausted from your journey. Sit, eat and rest. All of your questions shall be answered this day.” You notice that one of the heads, a pale-skinned outlander with bright red hair, speaks in a foreign tongue.
She died in the 101st year of the First Age after the Codex Incabulum was written.

Divine Domains

Domain of Echos

Divine Symbols & Sigils

Square of blue cloth with two dark eyes fading into the background.

Tenets of Faith

Seek to stay unseen, watching from the dark. Repeat what you see, share to our ranks to increase our collected knowledge.


Day of the Cage

Lady in Blue slayed the transcendent form of Drezzta, a Chaos Lord who's hatred of Law and Chaos alike changes with the wind. She captured its essence and trapped it seeking a vessel to permanently encase it. An Alder wood cage was crafted by the Order of the Wise Servants of Yddgrrrl at the Lady's request and placed in a prison guarded by a fearsome titan. The Lady in Blue observes this victory on the 47th day of spring, but the real celebration is on the 53rd day of spring; the day the Alder wood cage was locked. 
The celebration starts with prayer during the daylight hours at the site of a martyrdom on the 47th and concludes with revelries on the 53rd.   

Day of Reincarnation

Being an agent of Chaos, the Lady was slain by her jealous lieutenants, but recently the Lady's power has again risen. On the 88th day of fall, in the year 36 of the sixth age, Lady in Blue became a deity again. The Reincarnation, as it is called is celebrated over three days and commences every year with the ritual of shaving one's head (and face) of all hair on the first day. The second day is all about an opulent feast of fermented meats and vegetables following the preperation of the feast food for next year. The third day is eight hours of prayer welcoming the Lady back into their hearts. The ritual, fermenting, and prayer are all performed in a circle of ceremonial stones.

Divine Goals & Aspirations

Ridding the world of possessing spirits by way of exorcism or destruction.

Personality Characteristics

Likes & Dislikes

Fond of beheading, especially when slaying foes in Her name.
Divine Classification
Lesser Deity
Lady in Blue is from DCC adventure "Hole in the Sky."


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