Codex Incabulum

Wondrous item, artifact, requires attunement
Myth | Mar 8, 2021
The only codex known to be written during the Caelian Empire, the Codex incabulum is often incorrectly cited as the cause of the Fall of Azshan. This is a popular guess repeated so often that it has attained the status of fact. Rather, the codex stopped the demonic infestation that razed the ruling city of Kham, confining the sea of fiends that erupted from hell and preventing it from spreading across the world. As a result, no contemporaneous accounts of the sack of the city survive, with the popular histories of the event being authored no earlier than 150 years after the event. Authored by Marcus Gaius Orestes 17 in the 101st year of the First Age, during the height of the Caelian Empire and at the time of the death of Lady in Blue This book—like all the Codices —has been lost and found many times over the centuries since. Often those who attune to it delve deep into dark powers and are lost.
Demon Soul
As an action, you can sacrifice 3 Hit Dice to assume the form of a Type III demon or a bone devil, replacing your own stats and abilities with the fiend’s. While in this form, you do not benefit from your original race or class abilities, but you can cast your spells normally if you assume a form that can cast spells. You can maintain this form for 1 hour or until you drop unconscious, after which you revert to your original form, and can heal the sacrificed damage and hit points normally.
Demons and devils automatically fail their saving throws against banish cast by you. Scion of Seven Cities After performing a ritual for 10 minutes, you can open a gate to one of the Seven Cities of Hell, allowing you to freely travel there from the Mundane World. Only you can use this gate. It remains open until you return through it, after which it closes.
Flames of Hell
Once per week as an action, you may sacrifice Hit Dice to summon a Legion of Hell. This unit’s size depends on the number of Hit Dice you sacrificed, as follows.
The Key to the Gate
While the codex incabulum is on the Mundane World, fiends may only be summoned, fiends cannot travel to the Prime Material Plane. Should the Codex Incabulum ever leave the Mundane World, however, this restriction would be lifted, and then every Fiend in the lower planes could travel through existing portals with ease.


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