2018.02.04 - Rodger's Downtime

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"Something's happened Rodger. It's our daughter, shes been hanging around a bad group, a cult of demon worshipers who recently arrived at the city." She looks sad, scared.
As if on cue, she walks through the door and looks Rodger straight in the eye, "You left us squatting in this haunted mansion, the guard has harassed us, beaten your wife for bribe money, I was desperate, I needed a healer, not a doctor. I found them here, you don't understand. It's like when people talk about you, say you're not good, not a law abiding citizen, what does any of that matter in the end? The gods come and parade around, showing their power, their grandeur. In the end its all the same, they trade in lives, souls. My friends aren't like that. "Get out of my way," she says as she shoves you to the floor. Somehow you know she was holding back.
Rodger Devito
(This is gonna take some thinking. I’m already sketching out a plotline. Do I need to roll for the success of my activities? Specifically the heist?)
Rodger Devito
Ok I found xanathar’s. I do need to roll. Did you wanna handle that at the table, Rich ? Or Skype it maybe? · Reply · 3y · Edited Rodger Devito Looking at it again, t’would seem that I can only steal gp, not magic items. Unless our dm would be willing to bend that rule? · Reply · 3y Richard Fraser badge icon Author Nope, you can steal money to try and buy magic items. · Reply · 3y Rodger Devito Alright. Can I spend money in addition to the prep 25 to buy scrolls that would enhance my rolls?
Richard Fraser
If it would enhance your skill check.
Rodger Devito
+100 gp for pass without trace
Harold Groot would mikkel lend two or three enhance ability spells for the other checks? it’s for a good cause!
Richard Fraser
Enhance ability is a concentration spell.
Rodger Devito
Right, so it plays out like this:
+10 on stealth from pass without trace, cast by Rodger himself from a scroll. He also gets advantage from Mikkel casting enhance ability for dex. That could carry over into the thieves tools check (dex) unless Mikkel could do that too, in which case he recasts it on himself. I’d handle the final investigation check myself. My magnifying glass gives me advantage.
Harold Groot
Mikkel is all about keeping everyone safe, especially if they plan something risky - and even if they are going to do something Mikkel wouldn't approve of. Garl Glittergold told Mikkel that it's not Mikkel's place to answer for the actions of others in the party. Mikkel could give Rodger a single ENHANCE ABILITY and keep it going for the full hour.
Rodger Devito
Would Mikkel also lend Rodger the LUCK STONE? Richard Fraser
Can you cast pass without trace?
Rodger Devito
Forgive me, our games are very far apart and this doesn’t come up often, but can’t any spellcaster use any spell scroll?
Harold Groot
Rodger Devito Any spellcaster can cast a spell scroll that is on the spell list for his class (though you need to roll for success if it is above the level you can normally cast). As an Arcane Trickster you are limited to Wizard spells. PASS WITHOUT TRACE is not on their list. (There are also some protection spells that ANYBODY can cast, not just spellcasters. But this follows the rules for a "Spell Scroll".)
It's on the Druid List, so Mikkel would have a decent shot at it - but since it's a 2nd level spell and he only casts 1st level druid spells, he'd have to make a skill roll to cast it successfully. It's also a concentration spell, so he couldn't give you both that spell and the ENHANCE ABILITY spell (both last up to an hour).
However - what you have in mind can matter a lot to Mikkel. Originally you were only talking about a bank heist. Looking at some of the posts here (below) about Rodger's wife and daughter, it now looks like you are talking about killing someone in cold blood. So which are we talking about for these spells, and how does Rodger approach Mikkel about it?
Rodger Devito
Just looked it up, and it turns out a lot of our AL games have been doing it wrong! so it looks like Mikkel will need to help out a little bit more than planned.
Harold Groot Actually, Mikkel can't cast it on Rodger - PASS WITHOUT TRACE has a range of Self, so Mikkel would cast it on himself. Mikkel can include Rodger in the people who are affected, so that doesn't make much of a difference - IF Mikkel comes along.
Rodger Devito
Mechanically it’s the crime DT activity, so a heist. Mikkel would only be involved with stealing coin from a cult of Baphomet. And also possibly holding onto 1000 of Rodger’s gold on behalf of the church of Garl, to be paid out to Rodger’s family in the event of his death or retirement. Possibly with interest?
Rodger plans to kill the corrupt guard, frame the cult for it, weaken the newly arrived cult’s foothold by robbing their collection plate fund or what have you(that’s the DT activity) , and then pulling one last job which is actually a setup to trap and kill the cult leader.
“Aw dang, my coffers are empty. Gotta support my drug habit somehow. Oh boy, here I go killin’ again,” says the cult leader last wordsingly.
purely flavorfully, since these characters exist only conceptually and won’t impact our game.
Rodger delivers the “cop killing” cult leader dead or alive to the neverwinter guard. Probably by betraying him midjob and dropping him off a roof die hard style. Maybe onto a cop car. Cop cart?
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28 Feb 2021


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