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White Out

Weak knees. Irritated, pale skin. Extreme fatigue and chest pains. Your children have the White, and you probably do too.
The White Out is a lightly contagious disease that manifests the strongest in young children due to their under-developed bodies, especially when they do not get enough water or nutrients from their diet or due to their economic standing.


Only recently has a link been discovered between those children who catch the White (and thus spread it throughout their family) and those families who refuse to drink water that has been bloodcleaned. The conventional wisdom has concluded that the process is not wholly purifying and that thus some material is left in the water produced that causes either immunity to the disease or provides enough nutrients to combat it.


The symptoms vary in strength, but usually show up strong in children and barely noticeable in adults. Among others, the most common include the following:

  • Weakness and fatigue, shivering knees when standing up.
  • Pale skin with irritated blotches that show up in the sun.
  • Chest pain and related short breath.
  • Dizziness.


Due to the recent discoveries of the cause, the common folk have spread the fact that changing the ailed family's diet to include the bloodcleaned water, or at least more red meat. This is known to halt the progression of the disease in its tracks, and within a few days the skin effects start to wear off, with the other symptoms soon abating as well.


The condition is not deadly in itself, however once the symptoms set in and grow strong enough, the sick will find it near impossible to work or even be in sunlight, often causing the whole family to lose out on much needed money and thus sustenance. The sickness also makes one very weak to other ailments, which cause further complications that until the cure was discovered often condemned the ill to death.


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