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Pharaoh's Bane

There is no weapon in Saraya more famous than the one that is said to have felled the Pharaoh of Kings. Any supposed wielder after Ommath has passed into history as a cautionary tale against over-ambition. Rahan the Vile, the Djinnhunter, Samut Al-Saab, all boast legends of their own involving a dagger with similar properties, one that brings as much bad luck as it does strength. In fact, none of the aforementioned legends are said to have lived long after using this weapon.   The most recent rumoured mention of this Glock-glass knife is in the hands of the inner-ring goblins at the Bonehenge, however the trail went cold as quickly as it appeared, as if everyone neglected to notice that it was even there in the first place.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

The immediately recognizable red glass of the blade can be traced clearly back to the red ichor-rich sand that a Glock leaves in its wake. The creation of such glass is now a lost art, for it is both too dangerous to collect fresh, and requires expert craftsmanship and sorcery to form properly.   Meanwhile, the hilt is formed of activated Thuburro horn, harvested while the creature still lives to retain it's power, and meant to insulate wielder from the dehydrating effect of the blade.


Any mention of red glass, or hint of a weapon that slays sorcerers with ease, is bound to get a reaction anywhere in Saraya. In fact, most religions and heroic tales involve a dagger made of blood, a blade that thirsts as much as a Sorcerer, a weapon that withers enemies with a single slice. Its use is oftentimes attributed to a story of betrayal or of hunger for power, and the end result is always doom for both the victim and the user.

Item type
Unique Artifact
Raw materials & Components
Glock-glass, Activated Thuburro Horn

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