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17th Tribus 802 D.E.

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They say in the past, civilisation spanned across many galaxies. Magic and technology created wonders, and everyone lived in luxury; with no need for work. Such great power arose from this union of force, it is said that peace ruled over civilised people.


Those stories, whilst beautiful, are unlikely to be true. Nobody alive today knows for sure. All that can be said in truth, is that the power held by civilisation before, called it. The devouring beast, the destroyer. There was nothing to stop it, and those that followed. Planets turned to ash, civilisations burned and millennia of technological advancement were erased from existence, now only a set of faded fairy tales.


The last ditch efforts of organic life to survive drove them into a distant corner of the galaxy, but at what cost? When fuel ran short, and people become desperate, magic, and people holding it within themselves made for a solemn sacrifice. The Arcane fuel program was convenient, and in the end, led them to the last bastion of hope. An isolated corner of the Void - five systems, technologically neutered and hiding with bated breath. The last hurrah of civilisation as we know it. The Salus.