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Sullethi Currency

On the continent Sullethar is filled with many currencies that vary from kingdom to kingdom although there are two main currencies. The two main forms of currency are what are known as the farmer's system and the imperial's system. The first system includes three different types of coin the first type are seeds the second are called crops and are worth 100 seeds, the final coin is known as a harvest and is worth 100 crops. In the second system there are also three types of coin the first is called a cut and is worth 3 seeds, the second is a knife and worth 100 cuts and the final is a blade and is worth 120 knives. There are many coins and currencies used alongside the main systems. A couple of examples are the Skyrites from Ocrait and the Lionhearts from Asmaria


The first main currency on Sullethar was created by the first members of House Proudmark and is still produced by them today. The first coins of the Imperial's system were made of precious metals with crystal in the center. The first coins of the farmer's system were made of stone or wood with pieces of silver embedded in the center. Now the Imperial's system uses much cheaper metals with glass at the center and the Farmer's system uses coin similar to original
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