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Salira was once a world of Magic and Chaos. Swirling, unending darkness. Chaos swept through the world. The Gods stood side by side with the people of Salira. In the ashes of war, the Gods left this world, leaving their mantle in the hands of select few. The Maker, The Soldier, The Lovers, The Shepherd, and the Ancient Watcher.   In their hands, peace and serenity was known. Cities were rebuilt and soon the world could heal. It wasn't long before civilizations were built. Society began to prosper. The young Gods gently withdrew into secret hidden places, promising to keep an eye on their world and their people. Centuries passed, with occassional claimed sightings of the various Gods. All, save for the Ancient Watcher. The God of Death.   This World is safe, for now. But there are faint shadows just out of sight. Dark powers grow and ancient evils whisper into the darkness. And of course, there are even those with the spark of light and fire, of goodness and heroism.