Adahn Brack

The Narrator

An eternity of watchers watching life,

Ticking, clicking, passing by quietly

Binding Bones

By the soil’s sweetest kiss.


One of the oldest religious beings from recorded history, little is actually known about the being called Adahn Brack- including their true gender, if any... It's presumed, however, that he was a member of the Sa'avian pantheon- one of a group of several beings simply referred as Narrators.

From what Archivists have been able to piece together from the remaining texts (including the surviving copy of The Manuscript of Adekai), Adahn Brack's worship- and the worship of all Narrators, really- was widespread across the whole of the Tolaran continent prior to the Cataclysm... Sadly very few texts survive about these Narrators- including Adahn Brack (also referred to as Ademal, Bth-rt, and even Adekai at various points). Even fewer of those that survive mention these Divine or Semi-Divine figures with any sort of conciseness or clarity... It seems, to Archivists, that the only consistency in their myths is their extraordinary lack of any consistency at all; Adahn Brack and the rest of the Narrators are shrouded in an ever present veil of mystery, even within their own texts.

A prime example of the mystery surrounding Adahn Brack is the unique gendering used for them throughout the bulk of the texts; while Adahn Brack is presumed to be male due to the sheer number of texts which do refer to them as such, Archivists have consistently noted the use of other (usually feminine) pronouns- even within the same texts. Other texts simply refer to them by name, without the use of gendered pronouns at all.

This phenomenon is not unique specifically to Adahn Brack, however... Indeed, such ambiguous gendering is also seen in texts referencing common Narrator figures such as Dgost and Jicara. Likewise, it has been observed in texts referencing lesser Narrators like Qoron, Vktr, Hayga Hemna, Daer, Gajir, Prihan, Enear, Taklos, Odical, and Bryne- though to much lesser extents than those most commonly mentioned.

This has led Archivists to form two competing theories on the matter: The first, that all Narrators are actually genderless beings and may therefore be refered to by any gendered pronouns without inaccuracy; the second, that all Narrators exist as both genders simultaneously- a theory resulting from the translation of a surviving fragment of The Manuscript of Adekai, which refers to Adahn Brack as being simultaneously infinite and nonexistent in nature.

Still, regardless of any lack of certainty about these beings, Adahn Brack is unanimously considered by Archivists to be the oldest and most widely worshiped among them. This is clearly evident not only in the number of surviving texts dedicated solely to them (more-so than any other Narrator)... But also in the common reference of their name in other surviving texts- not just those speaking of the other Narrators, but surviving Sa'avian texts in general; Adahn Brack's name was clearly a widespread and common one uttered among the Sa'avi despite such a significant lack of clarity as to who they were.

Symbol of the Narrators
Possible Names
Adahn Brack

Suspected Epithets
The Watcher
Shadow Walker
The Narrator
Liminal God
The Silent Maser
Disgraced One
The Epotimical
Major Deity


Holy Texts
The Manuscript of Adekai, circa 2575
Codex Nratavi, circa 2393
Book of Whispers, circa 1927
Adahn Brack is not simply a Narrator. Indeed, he is so much more than that (...) Disgraced one (...) Renegade God, and being of Liminal Spaces; she who exists in nothingness and infinity simultaneously (...) The two-faced Epotimical (...) Silent Master (...) Keeper of secrets (...) shadow walker, weaver of threads, and seer of futures (...)
— Presumed High Priest of Adahn Brack
Translated Fragment of The Manuscript of Adekai, circa 2575

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