Mind the Burn 2018

World Ember 2018

Earlier this year I participated in my first ever Summercamp here on World Anvil. I wrote about Saethar'Kori, waxed poetic about Kuai’ain Palace, fleshed out The Dawn of the Fallen Star, built The Temple of a Thousand Faces, and talked about key historic figures like Deamod e'Lufaren, Aaina Viswan, Yen Tae-Hyun, and Imalda e'Yisonn... But sadly my health tanked and I wasn't able to finish it- or attend to my Enchanter duties (including keeping up with the final Summercamp Roundup posts). But thankfully, Worldember gives me the opportunity to jump back in for another go at it.

What is Worldember?

Worldember: It's like Summer Camp, but bigger
Worldember is one of the most massive contests hosted by WorldAnvil, stretching back to the dawn of time.   The primary challenge is to write 10,000 words by the end of the year- which gives you a shiny new profile badge and a chance to win prizes. Beyond that, there are brackets for higher word counts, and categories for winning other prizes.   The full competition page can be found right over here. There you can see pretty much everything else you need to know... But it's just like Summercamp- but bigger.  

Survival Guide

  Whether you're a new Anvil, or an experienced one, it's easy to lose your head when a mad dash competition like this is announced. But don't worry, Forge Mother Mistress Hummingbird (that's me) has got a few tips for you to help you beat the blues, stay in shape, and make it to the finish line- hopefully with your brain still in tact.   Focus fire: Worldember's about word count first and foremost; the important part isn't how well you write it, but that you get it written in the first place. So write first ... Edit, format, and pad your articles later!   Set Goals: Set a single realistic goal and go from there ... Set new goals as you reach old ones! Take care: Don't forget to hydrate, eat your veggies, and get enough sleep ... Definitely don't forget to stretch your legs every 20 minutes, either- and do your basic hand, neck,shoulder, and wrist exercises. You'll thank me for it later!   Mind the Burn: Remember that Worldember's a marathon, not a sprint. Take breaks- and lots of them!   Don't deflate: With competitions like Worldember and Summercamp comes a massive influx of articles- some of which are really good. It's easy to get lost in the feelings of inferiority. Don't let it win! Regardless of skill level, world setting, or any other factor, we're just happy to have you here with us. So chin up, love- and go klick some worldbuilding ass!

Spreading Cheer

Everyone wants to win, but that doesn't mean competitions have to be no-fun no-frills grump fests where everyone's out purely for their own gain... The Winter Holiday season is about more than just Worldember, after all. It's also about sharing and community.   That's why users like TJ and Ademal are banding together to give something more to Worldember and the World Anvil community. And like them, I encourage everyone to support World Anvil Creators. It is the season of giving, after all... And what better way to give than dropping a few dollars in someone's Ko-Fi, or buying them a gift from their Wishlist?   So we're encouraging all worldbuilders- regardless of level or skill- to add a link to their Ko-Fi pages (and / or their Patreons) via the account and profile settings here on World Anvil- then drop a link to their winter Wishlists somewhere on their world. You never know who'll be the one to see it!

Spreading Love

Creatives thrive on love- and even if it's just a simple "this is great!" feedback means a lot to all of us. So don't be a stodgey, stingey Mr. Scrooge.   Love an article? Give it a like! Have something nice to say? Leave a comment! And if things are going too fast to keep up, click that handy dandy Reading List button to make sure it's saved for later... But if you really love someone's style, the greatest gift you can give is to hit that follow button and keep up to date with their world. There's no good reason not to spread the love around!

Personal Goals

  My goals are simple: Finish Summercamp- and do a bit more in the process... But where Summercamp, for me, was focused on simply worldbuilding at large? For Worldember I'm going to be hiking up my billowy skirts and buckling down on the information I need for the Dungeons & Dragons campaign I DM- also known as the reason this whole shindig exists in the first place. Which means focusing on plot and player relevant information all month.   But I did complete quite a few of the Summercamp prompts this year. So for what I completed, I'll use new prompts... Others just didn't fit in with the focus on campaign relevant information, so those got new prompts too. And since there needs to be a little fun, I've thrown in a few topics that're relevant but which aren't necessary; they're just there for flavor and entertainment so I don't lose my entire mind this month.  

Progress report Sheet

  This page itself is here to provide me with an easier way of tracking my progress as they relate to specific goals... I've even made it easy for everyone to track my progress right alongside me with this handy chart:  
Words 10k 25k 50k 100k 150k 200k
And that's it!   Are you participating in Worldember this year? What are your goals? What are you most excited about?   Let me know!

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17 Nov, 2020 16:35

I am indeed participating in WE2020. My plan is to lift Dark Shadows out of the "neglected" pit and rewrite large swathes of its outdated lore, poor writing and history as well as expand greatly upon it. Where will I end up? Hell if I know, but 50k wouldn't be bad. In fact, it'd be needed.

Author of prize-winning RPG settings Dark Shadows and Cinders of the Cataclysm. Designer of the narratively focused Celenia D10 RPG System.
17 Nov, 2020 18:43

I reposted the 2018 one lol. Glad to see you're in 2020 though! I too sorely need to drag mine out of the pit of neglect.

17 Nov, 2020 20:13

(I know. I felt I should comment anyway.)   :)

Author of prize-winning RPG settings Dark Shadows and Cinders of the Cataclysm. Designer of the narratively focused Celenia D10 RPG System.