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Valinarna {Ruiskauno}

He is a popular politician (?) who is actually secretly the original captain of the Third Cohort, an infamous military unit, that refused to return home from the war and became a criminal organisation.     He is the person who is getting killed before the Zeribian Revolution of Der Fem. The blame for the murder is put on the Zeribians even though it was actually the Third Cohort.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

He was born into a well doing family in the Republic of Free West Island. In his twenties he was assigned as the captain in the war between the Republic and Arensande of the control of the Sayinyarr Strait. Despite his young age the cohort he was commanding was doing well and was making advances on the mainland, when the a peace treaty was signed, and they were commanded home.   Then a decision was made, that the Third Cohort refuse to return. The exact circumstances of the decision that ultimately lead to the Third Cohort becomming a criminal organisation are uncertain. Valinarna reportedly later told the Republic's authorities, that the other more experinced soldiers had abused his young age effectively kept him hostage for years at Third Cohort Hideout. The testimony of the other members that have been captured and interrogated has been that he was very much agreeing with their operations.   What ever the truth, he ultimately managed to a group of the organisation into a planned ambush. Somehow he had convinced the officials, that he was not responsible of the organisations' criminal businesses, was allowed to start a new secret life in Çarimbal (New Tower), while the other caught members were hanged.   In his old age he was finally found by the Third Cohort, and his murder was arranged by the current Leader of Third Cohort, a son of one of the hanged members.
Current Location

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