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Tasalwíri is a multiethnic city state. It is the most important settlement in Ardawána, the peninsula between Serme Mountains and Irin i heš island.     Naming
Tasalwíri is the Nem version of the name. In Aradal it is called Tasalwüyrü.


The original local population speaks a dialect of Nem Ressalit, and consider themselves to be a group within Fareans.   The population has long had contacts with the Ara people living further up the mountains. After the Ara unified the highlands under the Mountain kingdom, Tasalwíri has been the closest port city to their capital Isünókul.   Tasalwírü is also located close to the Irin i heš Island, which is a mining colony under Zeribian influence. When the taxation of Zeribian traders on West Island was rising, during the 7th and 8th century AC, many traders turned towards the Eastern sea route travelling through Tasalwíri to the Farean lands.   Even though they rarely stay in the city, the Caač people people fron Pillar Mountains and further in the peninsula occasionallly travel to the city to trade meat, hides and handicrafts.


After the Ara conquered Wasäkawakal from the Saial 635 AH, they turned their attention towards coast. The Mountain kingdom managed to take the lower mountain around K'ayademä easily and advanced then towards Tasalwíri, which would have made a great port for the empire. They have never managed to take the city, but are putting continuous political pressure on it.   After the Zeribian Revolution of Der Fem, Tasalwíri's importance for Zeribian trade will diminish.
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